"Wellness Innovations has been a life saver to me on so many levels. Frist of all we started a program at work that required us to meet certain criteria in BMI, Cholesterol, Nicotine, etc. to determine what our cost would be for insurance. I knew with my different health conditions I would never meet their goals, seeing how I had been working on them for last 2 years on my own. I spoke with Erin and before you knew it I had a team of doctors all working together with one goal, my health. She always made me feel like I was her only client and was always available for my concerns. We tried several different approaches and when we ran into a snag we tried something else. The best part was I never felt alone in this process and I knew when I felt I had lost all hope I had Erin to give me that encouragement that I needed to keep going. I couldn’t be more satisfied with Wellness Innovations and all they have done for me."

-Denise R. Ellis, Billing Coordinator

Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service


“Not only [is Wellness Innovations’ Executives] dedicated and hard-working, but have created a wellness company that is on the cutting edge of the healthcare industry. The company’s ability to show return on investment for their clients, in multiple ways, in addition to positive employee behavior changes, truly sets them apart from their competitors in the marketplace. Over the past several months, not only have I commissioned Wellness Innovations and their close team of professionals to help our practice overcome rising healthcare costs and address our employee’s health and wellness needs, but have begun referring them into various practices and businesses, both here in Augusta and outside of the area, in which I have relationships with key executives and managers. Wellness Innovations…has my full support and endorsement. Any business or entity that employs the company or partners with them in any way will definitely benefit.”

--Mark Smith, M.D.; Nephrology Associates, P.C


Over the past year, I have had the pleasure to get to know [Wellness Innovations] and fully understand and experience [its unique wellness program]. Throughout my time in the wellness field, I have come across various wellness professionals and companies and there is no question that the program is unique and stands alone in the industry. Not only do I not hesitate to utilize the program for my personal use and employees, but also for my patients. I have also referred Wellness Innovations into various businesses, companies and government entities in the Columbus area. In observing [them] work these recommended clients, [they have] shown nothing but the upmost professionalism, creativity and thorough knowledge of wellness as it pertains to return on investment-something that the majority of wellness professionals fail to grasp. Wellness Innovations’ cutting-edge program has been met with much enthusiasm and high regard; and it is my opinion that this specific program is precisely the way the healthcare industry is headed for a much-needed turn-around.”

--Dr. James W. Viers, D.C.